Hiring a dance floor is becoming more and more popular as many people want something fresh, modern and a bit different to make their event stand out.  Finishing touch LED dance floors can most certainly offer any event that.

The most popular floor at the moment is our LED starlit floor which we offer in, white and believe us they look amazing.  Our acrylic dance floor is a solid white lit floor with white LEDs it gives a magical effect, You can even add some up lighters to match your colour scheme to give a truly WOW factor at weddings.

All of our dance floors are solid and safe and lock together making them extra secure.  We have a range of sizes to suit each and every event.  Our dance floors can be used not only for dancing on but also work great as a fashion cat walk, a walk way for a civil ceremony or an awards ceremony. Once we know the exact specification of what you are looking for we will then be able to plan the best floor for your event.

Each of our dance floors are installed and removed by our specially trained installations team.  Operated by ease with a wireless remote control allowing all on/off or twinkle at six different speeds.  Simply click here to book a dance floor.